Saint Vincent des Barrès

Saint Vincent des Barrès

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15km from your campsite, St. Vincent of Barres awaits, perched on a limestone outcrop overlooking the valley Barres. this village is labeled “cité de caractère” because of its rich heritage of which there are still many remains.

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Like many villages in height, there was originally a Gallic oppidum, located on the Roman road delivering the passage of Caesar’s armies during the wars of Arvennes. This little box, “artenica” Gallo-Roman villa, was born to the tenth century, the first foundations of a village, the construction of the Church of Viviers. In the year 926, the Knight “Stéphane” have built a fort in Barry, located opposite Barres.

The fate of the village rule disputes between the Valence of the count and the bishop of Viviers. After being attached to the Duchy of Savoy, the Barres is definitely acquired the royal domain of France in 1467.

During the wars of religion, although having been taken by the Huguenots, the village suffers no specific disorders, or even during the revolution.

Spared by wars and always well maintained by its inhabitants, the village is proud to present its visitors with a built-preserved and well restored.

The fortified village is still partly preserved with six defensive towers running along a wall and four towers that protected the castle. Dungeon dating from the eleventh century complete the fortifications.

The rest of the medieval village this beautiful stone houses of the medieval era, put down very narrow streets, flanked by their barns and stables; the castle of the lady and “Faugères” among others.

Do not miss the exceptional visit for a dive in the heart of the Middle Ages and the promise of a beautiful view over the valley to the Coiron plateau.

Every 4 years, St. Vincent de Barres relives the days of knights in a medieval festival offering in period costumes.

A treasure hunt with marked course is offered to children. (Information in town hall)


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